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Here is a promotion package that will last a life time!


Special offers - grow with us

One of the best ways to celebrate a memorable occasion or to grow your organization is to create a promotional package that will have a long lasting effect. And nothing compares to offering live, conifer seedlings during that special event. Growing into beautiful trees, they will be constant reminders year after year, and reflect the right environmental message for you.

Choose one of our five options to receive strong and hardy plug seedlings that include individual bags and tags. Choices for trees include Fir, Spruce, Arborvitae (Cedar) or Pine Plug seedlings.


OPTION 1: Bagged - Tagged (Bulk shipping costs will be added)

Each seedling is individually bagged and tagged with your personalized message. Your message can be 4 lines long and have up to 50 characters (including spaces) per line.

100-499 trees

1.25 ea

500-9,999 trees

1.05 ea

10,000 + trees

.95 ea

OPTION 2: Bagged - Tagged - Boxed (Bulk shipping costs will be added)

Each bagged and tagged seedling is placed in its own sturdy, triangular mailing carton. (Size: 15" length, 3-1/4" sides.)

100-499 trees

2.15 ea

500-9,999 trees

1.90 ea

10,000 + trees

1.75 ea

OPTION 3: Bagged - Tagged - Boxed - Labeled (Bulk shipping costs will be added)

Provide us with your preprinted labels and we?ll attach them to each box. Labels can be for either business identification or mailing.

100-499 trees

2.25 ea

500-9,999 trees

2.00 ea

10,000 + trees

1.85 ea

OPTION 4: Bagged - Tagged - Boxed - Labeled - Mailed

Choose this full service option for the most convenient way to take advantage of our promotional program. (Add postage to prices; 1st class postage ranges from $1.50-$2.00 per seedling).

100-499 trees

2.35 ea + postage

500-9,999 trees

2.10 ea + postage

10,000 + trees

1.95 ea + postage

OPTION 5: Seedlings Shipped in Growing Trays (Bulk shipping costs will be added)

A minimum order of 134 seedling includes bags and tags. Orders must be in even numbers of trays (67 seedlings per tray).

134-469 trees

.90 ea

536 + trees

.65 ea

This personalized service offers many choices. So we ask that you call us at 800-447-4745 or email with your requirements. Please note to allow a minimum of two weeks after we receive your order and payment in full. We do not ship C.O.D.